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7.2% Alc. by Vol.

64 IBU

36 SRM

Hop-forward flavor characteristics of an American IPA brewed with darker malts. The restrained chocolate and coffee malt flavors allow the citrusy, piney and resinous aspects of the hops to show through on the flavor with a light roast character on the finish. Smooth and balanced.

Brewed with Maris Otter Malt, Flaked Barley, Carafa III, Munich Malt, and Chocolate Rye Malt. Centennial hops, Cascade hops and American Ale yeast.

The name:

(Bäkéneko) ばけねこis a type of Japanese yōkai, or supernatural creature. According to its name, it is a cat that has changed into a yōkai. They have great shape-shifting abilities and frequently disguise themselves as smaller cats or humans – sometimes even their own masters. While in disguise, they like to dress up as humans with a towel wrapped around their head and dance around merrily. Many learn to speak human languages. They can eat things that are much bigger than they are, and even poisonous things, without any difficulty at all. It is even possible for a bakeneko to eat its own master and then take his form, living on in his place. If they do not kill their owners, they often bring down great curses and misfortune upon them. They can summon ghostly fireballs and are known to accidentally start house fires, their tails acting like torches on any flammable materials in the house. They also have the disturbing ability to reanimate fresh corpses and use them like puppets for their own nefarious purposes. They are generally a menace to any house they live in or near.