Auto-Run Rye PA

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Auto-Run Rye PA is a medium gold, hop-forward ale, with a clean fermentation profile, and a supporting malt that lends a low peppery aroma and light grainy spiciness to the flavor. The hops are berry, melon, with a little citrus. The beer has a medium body, with a smooth texture, and mostly dry finish with just a little residual sweetness.

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May 2020

  • Batch No.38 Auto Run Rye PA
  • Batch No.39 Maizey IPA
  • Batch No.40 Damage Dealer Double Stout

Jun 2020

  • Batch No.41 Long Tacky Old Slacks Original
  • Batch No.42 Long Tacky Old Slacks Dark
  • Batch No.43 Grant Kronenberger
  • Batch No.44 Maison Saison

Tacky Slacks Original at DCBC

Long Tacky Old Slacks Original is now at Denton County Brewing Co. in To-Go cans!

So get your Tacky Slacks on and head out to DCBC for some local craft beer!

Now available in cans @ The Bearded Monk in Denton TX!

Toe Jam Strawberry Saison and Grant Kronenberger Peanut Butter Blonde!

Get it To-Go and enjoy your own blend of these two beers for an awesome PB&J experience in liquid form!

Bäkéneko ばけねこ Black IPA

You can get this beer in cans at

Denton County Brewing Co.


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