Batch No. 196 – 232

Here’s the last 36 batches of beer we brewed as “home-brewers”. We have brewed 232 batches of beer since February 2011 and are now ecstatically happy to say that it is time to go “pro”. Starting in January 2019 the Toasty Bros. batch number will reset to 0 and our first batch of beer willContinue reading “Batch No. 196 – 232”

Toasty Bros. Beer Portfolio

Flagship Beer – 4 Non-Player Character – Kolsch Style Ale Away From Keyboard – American Amber Ale Critical Wit – Belgian Style Witbier Experience Points – American Porter Seasonal Beer – 6 Panstu Ghost – Pilsner Maison Du Gaufre – French Saison Hatch Chili Popcorn – Cream Ale Peachy Popcorn – Cream Ale Battle MageContinue reading “Toasty Bros. Beer Portfolio”

Toasty Bros. 2018

Jan Critical Hit IPA Strawberry Skull IPA Feb Away From Keyboard Dame Neko American Strong Ale Mar My Pet Skeleton IPA Experience Points Porter Apr Non-Player Character Kolsch Style Ale Peanut Butter Toast Ale Strawberry Toast Ale Panstu Ghost Pilsner May My Pet Skeleton IPA Chihuahua Borracha Barleywine Jun Maison Saison Random Number Generator IPAContinue reading “Toasty Bros. 2018”

List of Toasty Bros. Hombrewed batch#1 – batch#99

Everything we’ve ever brewed from batch #1 – batch #99 First Batch Dunkelweizen (Feb 2011) #1 Round Two Amber Ale #2 Inebriated Sober Cream Ale #3 Shredder Pale Ale #4 Almost Pale IPA #5 Spot of T English Brown ale #6 Summer 7 Ale #7 Mumbai in July IPA #8 Trump Golden Blond Ale #9Continue reading “List of Toasty Bros. Hombrewed batch#1 – batch#99”

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