At Midway Craft House 4/5/19

This Friday Midway Craft House will be tapping Random Number Generator IIPA. 84137 Chinook, Motueka, 2-Row Pale, Crystal 60. Appearance is an orange-copper color with a slight haze from the double dry hopping. Hop flavors are citrus, fresh green pine and tropical fruit. Medium malt with some caramel and toasty flavors. Medium body with a smooth texture. 8.2% ABV. 60IBU. Hoppy, but not harsh. Drink fresh and enjoy!


Long Tacky Old Slacks Release

I’m excited to announce the initial release for Long Tacky Old Slacks dark this coming Monday, March 25th, at Eastside in Denton TX.

This is the second batch of beer we have brewed since getting our brewers license and we are having fun with this one. The base style of this beer is a Kolsch style ale (typically very light, crisp, clean, easy drinking beer) but we decided to add a little de-bittered black malt into this batch for a darker color and a toastier flavor.

So let’s get tacky at Eastside this Monday, March 25th!


Harvest House & Barley & Board

March 29th we are tapping Damage Dealer Double Stout at both Barley & Board and Harvest House! If you buy a pint at both locations between 6pm and 9pm you can get a free 5×7″ art print of your choice! So save the date, start at Barley & Board, get some food and some Toasty Bros., then head down to Harvest House for another beer and your free art print! I’ll be crawling between Barley & Board and Harvest House throughout the night until both kegs run out. See you on the 29th!


Brewer’s Permit APPROVED!

And we have scheduled our first 7 batches to brew.

We are still waiting on label approval so the first beer release will likely be in March.

Here is what our brew schedule looks like so far…


  • Damage Dealer – Double Stout


  • Random Number Generator – IPA
  • Skill Tree S.M.A.S.H – Double IPA


  • Long Tacky Old Slacks Original – Easy Drinking Ale
  • Long Tacky Old Slacks Dark – Refreshing Ale with a little more flavor and color


  • Peanut Butter NPC – Kolsch with peanut butter
  • Random Number Generator – IPA

Batch No. 196 – 232

Here’s the last 36 batches of beer we brewed as “home-brewers”.

We have brewed 232 batches of beer since February 2011 and are now ecstatically happy to say that it is time to go “pro”.

Starting in January 2019 the Toasty Bros. batch number will reset to 0 and our first batch of beer will be announced soon. In fact I’ll be putting up a new brewing schedule for the first 6 months of 2019 so you will know what to be on the lookout for! Let’s Get Toasty!

No. 196 Peanut Butter and Jelly Blond Ale

No. 197 Damage Dealer IPA

No. 198 Random Number Generator / RNG IPA

No. 199 Peanut Butter and Jelly Blond Ale

No. 200 The Centennial IIPA

No. 201 Maison Saison

No. 202 Skill Tree Stout

No. 203 The Singlemalt Lager

No. 204 My Pet Skeleton IPA

No. 205 Experience Points Porter

No. 206 Battle Mage Bourbon BBL Aged Coffee Stout

No. 207 Cat Girl Sweet Stout

No. 208 Spell Slinger IPA

No. 209 Critical Hit IPA

No. 210 Strawberry Skull Fruit Beer

No. 211 Away From Keyboard Amber Ale

No. 212 My Pet Skeleton IPA

No. 213 Dame Neko Dark Strong Ale

No. 214 Experience Points Porter

No. 215 Random Number Generator IPA

No. 216 Non-Player Character (NPC) Kolsch Style Ale

No. 217 Cat Girl Sweet Stout

No. 218 Magical Girl Oatmeal Stout

No. 219 Girls With Guns American Stout

No. 220 Pantsu Ghost Pilsner

No. 221 Maison Saison

No. 222 Non-Player Character (NPC) Kolsch Style Ale

No. 223 Non-Player Character (NPC) Kolsch Style Ale

No. 224 My Pet Skeleton IPA

No. 225 Critical Wit Belgian Witbier

No. 226 Pantsu Ghost Pilsner

No. 227 Death Rides A White Poney Bourbon BBL Black Sour

No. 228 Random Number Generator IPA

No. 229 Popcorn Hatch Chili Cream Ale

No. 230 My Pet Skeleton IPA

No. 231 Shaou Kahn Pecan IPA

No. 232 Hop Stew 232 IPA

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