Drink Responsibly.

Drink Responsibly.
We’ve all heard this before, but it’s important. Even a small amount of beer can impair your judgement, so don’t put yourself in a position where you can harm yourself, others, or turn into a complete fool.

Here are some ways to acheive this:

Drink Better. Drink Less.
There’s plenty of beer to be had, with plenty of time, so pace yourself. Drink for flavor, not just for impact. Always practice moderation when drinking. Get to know your limits, and don’t exceed them. If you feel that moment of absolute cheer, take a break, grab a water and some food.

Hydrate & Eat.
Water is your friend. Drink plenty of it, to help detoxify and counteract the alcohol stripping water from your system.

Eating also replenishes the system, slows down your rate of consumption, and helps to absorb alcohol so you don’t find yourself inebriated after a few beers. However, though eating will slow the absorption of alcohol, it won’t necessarily stop its impact.

Know Your ABVs.
Not all beers are alike, and many of today’s beers can be rather high in alcohol, and in sneaky way. We’re talking 7 to 25 percent alcohol by volume (ABV)! Find out what the ABV of a beer is before you consume.

Almost IPA

1/2oz Millennium hops for bitterness
1oz Nugget hops for flavor
2oz Cascade for dry hopping
8oz Carapils specialty grains
8oz Caramel 40L
6.6lb golden light LME
1lb light DME

Steep grains at 160F for 20min
Boil LME and DME for 60min
Millennium hops for 60min
Nugget hops for 20min
Dry hop Cascades for 7days after you rack the beer into secondary

IBU = 69.2
ABV = 6.4%

Almost IPA
Almost IPA

To Each His Own Amber Ale

2.5 gallon batch

5 lbs Pale Malt 2-row US
12 oz Crystal Malt
4 oz Chocolate Malt US
0.83 oz Hallertau Hops
0.83 oz Cascade Hops
London Ale Yeast

Mash 45 min @150F
Sparge untill you get 2.5 gallons of wort
Start boil
Wort 60 min
0.33 oz Hallertau 45 min
0.33 oz Cascade 45 min
0.50 oz Hallertau 10 min
0.50 oz Cascade 10 min

Ferment at 69F

4.8% ABV
20.7 IBU

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